Friday, April 28, 2006

For my best friend

This was a fun project for my best friend. He's the one who knows how ugly I can be and still calls me a friend. It is my way of saying thanks for all that you do.
How many little boys had cowboy dreams? How many little boys wanted a cap gun? How many little boys said "stick um up" to their Daddy?

I have had this box for a while. and I knew I wanted to do something as a thank you for all the times he listened and didn't have the time. Then I found the cap gun and I remember his stories about wanting a gun and playing cowboy.
Phone call to "sis" and I have the rest of the surprise.

She found the pictures. I scanned and printed them then embellished the whole project.

Thanks for your help Christie - don't tell him. I want it to be a surprise.

"a friend is that person who makes you laugh your ass off
without laughing at your ass."


Funky Finds said...

Cool blog!

audrey said... this piece that you created. I'm getting ready to do a 'cowboys & indians' spread for a journal rr and your creation is very inspiring. Love the quote at the end of your post...definitely am going to remember that one :0)