Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Swap Goodies Going Out

I am so excited about the swaps. I have mailed my books, my postcard and my ATC's.

The two set of ATCs really were a challenge for me. My first and I wasn't sure how to start. I tend to collect words phrases and quotes. So I wanted to reflect that in my work. I do hope the ladies who receive these are pleased.

The postcard was to illustrate something about me. As a longtime cancer survivor, I have struggled and fought back fear. I am finally arriving at the place of no fear. And after years of trying to force changes in my family and friends, have reached a place of acceptance of them, faults and all. I have "fired" any deadwood types and surrounded myself as much as possible with positive influences. Thus I AM - FREE OF STRUGGLE and FULL OF JOY.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!