Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This should probably be a top 10 list of addictions to hobby supplies

1. Fabric - especially toile and quilting cottons. We have access to a wholesale fabric warehouse once a month and mom and I make pretty regular trips to feed this fetish.
2. Paper - wrapping paper, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, anything paper.
3. Trims - lace, ribbons, medallions,
4. Buttons and beads.
5. Specialty yarns
6. Floss and evenweave fabrics. Love the over dyes and other specialty threads.
7. Paints, brushes, glitters.
8. Glue - I have multiples of many bottles, sticks and guns.
9. My sizzix die cutter and my xyron sticker creator. So much fun.
10. My printer. Especially for creating memory books. Will describe a favorite method in a futer post.

I have tons of other stash. This use what you have thing has caused me to really dig and start organizing all this. I really never faced how much money I have invested in my hobbies.

Of course, I am the save the day mom when it comes to school projects. Kids can come to my house and work, and I know what my girls are doing. Win -Win situation for me.

I'm in for May in the USE WHAT YOU HAVE challenge.

Have a wonderful day!!