Monday, April 17, 2006

My swap friend Karen received this surprise from me. This was my creation from the Treasure Hunt Mystery Craft Challenge . Karen is hosting a second swap of this type and I was immediately in. You can join too - just click on the link.

I am participating in the Use What You Have Challenge for the month of April and all of the materials for this piece were on hand at my house.

Seems I have way too much stash. I need to use what I have every other month this year. I tend to collect not only stash - but ideas as well. I have tons of clippings, patterns. sketches, etc. Any other junkies out there.

A few notes about Karen's piece. The challenge items were
1. a piece of felt
2. ribbon
3. yarn
4. flower
5. paper
6. words/fonts
7. staple
8. something purple
9. ribbon
10. something dug out of your purse.

I used the felt for the heart and couched the specialty yarn around the heart. The flower motif was from some trim I have had for a while. Ribbon and vintage buttons are sewn together with purple floss. Wall paper samples were used for the backing. I stapled the quote onto the backing and mounted everything into a cd case that I had stuck into my purse pocket.

I do hope Karen enjoys this.


swapmeetsally said...

I'm simply in love with this treasure hunt craft challenge piece, Teresa!!
How appropriate that the focal point is a heart as your work sure made mine go pitter pat.. :-)
Thank you very much. I feel so lucky to have had you as my swap-bot partner as not only did I get this great swap gift, but I also really enjoyed your wonderful letter explaining each item's origin & your creative thought process.
I'll swap with you anytime!! ;-)

Aimee "Roo" said...

That is super cute! Glad to see that you have joined the bloggin world. I think you will find a lot of fun people and inspiration.

Thanks again for being a swap angel for me. I really appreciate it so much.

kristin said...

Welcome Teresa!! :)