Monday, June 21, 2010


This is not the post title's main message. That comes later.

I have officially reached full storage in my studio. Damn - I have got to be serious about getting rid of stuff. I spent the weekend free time working on cleaning and putting away shit in my studio. I look at all those wonderful studios at the blog party and I realize I have been stuffing stuff for way too long.

I turned the ac on in the studio - it is time for some creative project immersion.

The weekend was highly productive. Poca Dog went to the vet. Not nearly as exhausting as I thought it might be. We are boarding her this coming weekend and she had to have a couple of shots before she could stay.

After the vet - I took off to the local farmers market. Fresh blueberries. Fresh corn. Fresh baked bread. Fresh basil (in a rather large qty).

I made pesto. There is a first time for everything. Never made pesto in my life. Love it. College Girl loves it. So we wanted to learn how. But because "I am a few bricks shy of a load", I didn't make it using a traditional recipe.

Sure I looked at them - thought about it even. Then went off on my own course and made it like this.

Food processor bowl full of fresh basil leaves. (I have a smaller food processor) Pulse until slighty shredded. Add a couple handfuls of pecans (yes pecans). Then a generous dose of grated parmesan cheese. Process while slowly streaming in olive oil until you like the consistency. salt and pepper to taste. After I tasted this - I also added a bit (2 or 3 tablespoons) of lemon juice.

Serve on pasta with fresh veggies....

Yes there are spagetti noodles mixed in. A necessity due to not having enough noodles of the same kind.

In College Girl's words ----- THIS CRAP IS GOOD.

Notice precariously placed salt shaker above. No telling where you might find it at my house.
Now on to the Littles. It has been a long time since we had littles at the house, but a friend of mine needed a sitter and I offered.

We gathered bits and bobs from the stash.

Made fairy headgear.

Painted birdhouses....

And I learned who Chowder was.
I had a blast. Next time I'll be finding my frisbee before they get there.
Thanks Punkin' and Bubba for coming to play. It was fun.
Have a fabulous week.
I have a beautiful life.

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