Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Sorry - this is a cell phone shot that unfortunately did not enlarge well at all.

That above is my new cubby shelf - sitting in place in my studio space. Making me one happy happy girl. For those who do not remember, the Man at my Address retrieved this cubby that was destined for the dumpster at work. I got this instead of flowers when I was recovering from my "surprise you are gonna lose a kidney to cancer" surgery. It patiently waited on my front porch until I was ready and able to deal with it.

I stopped my pain meds last week, and Saturday morning found me feeling somewhat "normal" as far as my energy levels. So to the studio I went. I cleaned and rearranged and then begged the Man to please move the shelf. And he did. Just look at her - waiting for the goodies to fill her shelves. I'm rearranging and rethinking some of my current storage solutions. I am fairly happy with the layout of the studio, but there are a few items that are causing me some mental anguish.

Saturday afternoon led to a serious nap, then I realized I felt well enough to head out for an evening at the Flats. A biker bar near home. A favorite band - actually a stage full of friends - was playing. No pain meds meant I could have a couple of beers - which I fully enjoyed. It was a wonderful night - I drank those couple - sang backup with the band on a few songs - and danced with one FINE SPECIMEN OF MANHOOD. See the Man at my Address does not dance unless he is falling down drunk and since we have outgrown how that feels the next morning, I dance with others. So good looking guy - cancer survivor on first night out = me asking him to dance and then having a great time dancing with him.

Here is another cell phone shot of the band.

I am still working on top secret birthday project for a friend - she reads so no post on that yet. I also crocheted many many stitches on that blanket that I am determined to finish before I start anything else big. It was a great weekend.
I am a survivor - AGAIN. I have a beautiful life - STILL. I wish all of you beauty in yours - ALWAYS.

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