Thursday, June 10, 2010

Contemplating something really stupid.

I have this picture in my inspiration book. I actually have several versions of crochet trim pictures in my books.

I crochet a lot. It takes time, but it also is relaxing.

I have also been on drugs. Pain meds, for the nerve pains around my incision. You know, the 12 inch monster across my abdomen.

Well the drugs have most likely induced the following project idea.

See the very first picture is stash. Lustersheen yarn stash. Free lustersheen yarn stash. And the orange and purple is already allocated for a project. But the other, those soft neutral, most definitely me colored skeins, 19 of them, has no such calling.

I was looking through my inspiration books, I had taken percocet, it was late, I was in make my living room over mode,and I had a brainstorm.......

I can take my wallpaper border down, repaint these walls, and put up some crochet trim.

Looking back on this today I realize how stupid this idea is. I think.

Because I am taking about 1375 inches of 9 to 12 in wide trim. Yes 114 linear feet of the stuff.

Somebody please bring me back to reality -------- confirm that this idea is CRAZY. Certifiably crazy.

I am painting at work. I love my wall color. More than likely I will use it at home.

Pittsburg Paint --- french grey linen walls and walnut grove trim.

I have a beautiful life. I want a beautiful home.

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