Thursday, June 17, 2010

College Girl Mixed Media

This piece hangs over the softball princess bed. On a wall that is now white, but will soon become eggplant ---- she is painting her room purple (think Lowes Commercial for that conversation). I am painting at work, and very very soon will be painting at home.

College Girl is a Dean's List Chemistry Major. She has maintained those grades while being an athlete as well. Mama is proud of this accomplishment. She is working this summer and taking summer classes. Wants to double major. Crazy.

Most of these "nerdy science kids" are just that -- NERDY --

Not College Girl - she is into fashion. Cooking. Sewing. Her social life is important. Her church work is important to her. On top of all that, this very smart kid is an artist. Again -- a bit of a rarity.

She will invade my studio and throw together things. These are black and white magazine and college catalog images (cause mom saves everything) cropped and cut into a skyline. Note, not all of these were buildings initially. The arm and hand - another cutout of a statue from somewhere.

This is mixed media collage - College Girl Style.

I can't even begin to do this kind of work.

I love that purple skyline.

I have a beautiful life.

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