Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sometimes just being together is enough..........

Companionable silence. Two friends in a space together. No conversation. Each engrossed in their own activity. Still a closeness. An intimacy.

I saw these two nestled shells alone on a stretch of sand. Tybee is not really a great beach for lots of shells. Sand sand and more sand. I loved the way these two represented my thoughts about my oldest daughter and I. We got up early on Sunday and walked the beach - watching sunrise and the tide pulling out. There was very little conversation between us and yet I felt incredibly close to her and blessed by her beautiful presence. She will be 20 this summer - I realize how different things are becoming as they approach adulthood. I was basking in the true beauty of a family weekend, because I know there will be fewer of these kinds of trips where we all are together.

It was a wonderful trip.

I have a beautiful life.

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