Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend At A Glance

MaggieGrace found herself sleeping in on Saturday morning. Until 7 am. Which kinda ticks me off, because I wanted it to be like at least 9 when I looked at the clock. Oh well.

Last week was VBS. Wonderful - but exhausting. Then College Girl wanted to have a Cream Soda gathering at the house on Friday night. She cleaned so I have no problem with that.

When I got up on Saturday morning I found these...

A pile of bottle caps. Mind you - a neat pile of bottle caps on a tray on the table. She has been trained really well.

I also found this ......

Neat rows of their bottles. These two things and a few leftover food items (already put away) were the only signs of a gathering at all. I like that.
So the house was clean and we had no ball game, thus giving me the day to accomplish stuff.
I went to the farmers market, I went to the grocery store, I cleaned the tub, I changed the beds. I went to the studio, I got overwhelmed, I put away two boxes of crap. Then I cooked and crocheted.
Sunday - church. Home for sandwiches on some homemade bread (not mine) then a fabulous blackberry cream pie.

There was a nap. Then back to that studio. It actually looks like more of a storage shed right now. I had these huge sheets of paper, bits and bobbs have been cut from them for various church projects. I never work this large, they were a pain to store effectively, and they were part of what was so overwhelming.
(take a look in the background of this picture, this is the fairly organized area.)
I decided to do something about this.....
I grabbed a sacrificial piece of mat board. Marked some squares and rectangles, then proceeded to cut paper. And cut paper. And cut paper.
I saved the scraps too. Because I am seriously sick like that. Hoarders here I come.....

But I reduced that overwhelming pile into this. And immediately pulled a piece to work with. This makes all my effort well worth it, I will use the paper now that it is a manageable size.
After all that, back in the house. TV dinner -- I actually like the healthy choice ones. The rest of the family fended for themselves.
Then I crocheted more.
Resulting in this little pile of lovelies.

These already have a home.
It was a very good and productive weekend. I hope you all had one too.
I have a beautiful life. It fells really good to have some creative mojo back.

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