Monday, July 19, 2010

Didn't mean to disappear.......

Poca Dog loves being out on her run. She is between two barns here. She can run and dig to her hearts content. She has dugg herself a cool spot under the barn on each end. Loves it. But she also loves her time inside with us in the AC too. Our yard is not fenced and she tends to run cars at the road - so a run and long lead were in order. The man put it together in a way that makes it vitually impossible to tangle herself. Plus she has sun, shade, and shelter.

Now for some weekend peeks.

Many many years ago - I hand painted this border for two little girls in their shared bedroom. It is a big room. 17 by 15. Took forever.

Oops. Cart before horse. Pretend you didn't see this.

Then College Girl got this doll that looked just like her. I made the doll this cute little swinging wreath display.

Well Softball Princess no longer shares this room with College Girl all the time, so a redo was in order. Kinda has been for a long time, but this weekend the stars aligned and there was music and a fairy godmother....
Wait wrong story.

We cleaned out the cute little closet area. See that big st Bernard. It was mine. His name is Henry. He is old. But my girls wallowed all over him when they were small. The tigger was a six flags prize from when Abby was a toddler. She beat out her big sister playing basketball to win him. Mom had to drag him around all day.

Dad worked in swim trunks and no shirt all weekend. I know TMI, but I thought I would explain.
Softball Princess worked hard - best spackling job I have seen. She is patient unlike me.

In addition to paint, there was flooring. Long ago, we put down cheap vinyl flooring. This old house sucked up much more time, energy, and money than we planned. Then we had children and their activities. Now it is time to get my house and life in order. Soul searching - posts ahead. Maybe a result of that "suprise you have kidney cancer side trip".

She painted. She put down floor tiles. Money is still tight. Hardwood would be awesome, but not now.

These are better quality floor tiles. But still a DIY project. She and I crawled on the floor and put this down. Working by moving all the crap around the room. No - hell no - this was not fun.
But it looks good.

The walls are a glidden color called Indigo Night. With Ultra White at chair rail and below. There will be plain white curtains at the closet builtins -- Old houses never had closets. Dad built these and they have worked out nicely.

I promise a full room reveal when we get a little further along.
Have a great Monday.
PS - wait til you see what I got for my birthday. AND WHAT CAUSED ME TO HYPERVENTILATE AND SPEND MONEY. Tomorrow.

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