Wednesday, July 28, 2010

C * E * L * E * B * R * A * T * E

Remodeling at work - two trips to softball games out of town - remodeling at home.......getting college girl ready to send her off - softball princess ready for back to school. Getting me ready for the first follow up rounds of medical testing post cancer surgery. crazy times.

Therefore, I may not get back here this week, so I am posting this today. MaryAnn and I are destashing. Working on personal reasons for hoarding stuff. We have a monthly challenge going on with one another. I picked the word for JULY and since it is the month for my birthday I picked CELEBRATE as our word.

Self imposed rules - no purchase allowed. We don't send these to each other - got plenty of stash of our own. We can keep what we make - give it away - sell it - trash it. The idea is to use stuff up. Yes - EVEN THE GOOD STUFF. I am even using this to accomplish things off my WIP - UFO - and wish lists. Word begins on first of month and should be represented by end of month.

Funny the accountibility of a challenge keeps me much better focused.

Here is my CELEBRATE Project.

Hanging on the side of my big barn. Yay - my shadow has a waistline and it goes the "right" direction.

I love the rough siding of the barn.

Detail shots.....

January - frosty snowman - look carefully and you can see the January in sparkly embroidery.

February - I used some red buttons that I only had one of - yes!!!! The month name is sealed in the little red ribbon at the top right corner.

March - the gold flowers on the string are all used up now. I crocheted the clover and had it in my stash.

April - April Fools Day. Every thing in the illustration was the only one like it in my stash. Sparkly purple felt. The letters are dimensional magic on flats - I glued a snap on the back and then sewed the match to the felt.

May - Memorial Day - the little plastic soldier in the middle is my favorite detail here.

June - Beach Month - Lighthouse stamped on muslin - think this may be my favorite of all of them.

Seashell Detail from june. All shells we gathered. Pearl beads.

July - Independence Day. The firework in the middle is made from curled up metallic pipe cleaners.

August - no major holiday - so this represents friendship - all of the buttons on the heart were in gifties - yes I am that bad, I have a jar where I put gifted buttons from people. I simply dumped the jar and started sewing.

September - Back to School - Although we do that in August. Ticket stubs are from various ballgames we have attended. No telling how long I have stashed that ruler in the drawer.

October - Boooooooooooo.

November - each leaf is stamped with the word "thankful"

December - Love the little packages from some confetti and the Santa beneath the tree. It had some confetti candy canes, but my adhesive didn't cooperate - so I ditched them.
There you go - my Celebrate Banner - mixed media - fun -
Thank you MaryAnn for playing along with me.
Oh and she picked the word for August ---- her word ------ CHANGE. Project one for me, I'll be "changing" a ceiling fan in the softball princess room from white and polished brass to either silver and black or black and white. Update next week.
Challenge yourself --- it is a growing experience.

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