Tuesday, July 06, 2010

MaggieGrace created......

I got a little studio time in over the long weekend. By a little, I do mean a little. However, I did make about 8 rows of progress on the stripey blanket. Dang, am I ever gonna finish that one?

I have these tiny little bottles. I added them to the stash at some point. Last year I made one or two pendant charms from them. I decided that despite the adrenal fatigue that is driving me nuts, this was something I could accomplish.

I added a tiny bead detail to the corks. Just a touch more "oomph".

This one has glass glitter and the word "love". It has a tiny pink bead at the top.

Crystal bead on a flat bulb bottle. "Love" snipped from a damaged hymnal that I thrifted. I adore the bright blue glitter.

Again - words snipped from a thrifted book. This has black volcanic sand in it and a pearl detail.

Tiny green bead and another word. The green is a Martha Stewart glitter. Gotta find some more of this - it is obviously my favorite glitter and I only have a tiny bit left.

I pix messaged these last night to MaryAnn and she had the idea to do these with a tiny bit of sand and a curled up "message in a bottle. That's tonight's project.

Feedback please.

I have a beautiful life. You bless me.

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