Thursday, July 01, 2010


There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate. Robert Brault

My buddy MaryAnn has the same hoarding issue as I do. So late one night as texting was going on, we came to a plan. A collaboration so to speak. We will take turns for the next few months picking a word. Then we will make things out of our stash that reflect that word. The things we make will not be sent to each other. They are to be sold, given away, or kept. Our choice. We are doing this to try and use up stash, to inspire some focused time in our studios, etc.

I got to choose the word this month ---- CELEBRATE.

Random assorted pictures and commentary.

On the way over the causeway - we spotted a rainbow. It was stunning. We followed it over the marshes and almost all the way to the beach.

My dog thinks she is part human. She sleeps on her back. In reality she would prefer to sleep in this position with a blanket tucked under her chin. Mean ol' daddy won't let her on the sofa.

MaryAnn (see link above) send notes, cards, fun stuff. I have a hoarding problem. But in the last few months, I have been trying to overcome that issue. So when packages with little goodies arrive, I try to immediately put those things to use. The latest envelope came with these circles, punched from sewing pattern envelopes.

I gathered these up with a few things from the stash, and knowing that I was choosing the word CELEBRATE. I made tags. Drawing from the circles she sent, all of these have a "sewing" theme.

My favorite one. I used a thread card from a thrifted box of sewing stuffs. The hearts are stamped on pattern tissue and cut out. Even the hangers are from a strip of silk that at one time tied up a bundle of fabric.

I stamped the circles with lines to add a TO/FROM note or some journaling.

I am really embarrassed by the fact that I have a little jar on my shelf that has spool labels and the little sleeves off of embroidery floss. Come on, you guys understand, right?

BTW - these are big tags. almost 6" in the longer direction.

These will go in the materials I take to the art show this fall.

I put on a swimsuit and went into public. Both of my girls were stunned that I even owned a swimsuit. While I have several more pounds to lose ( like 30), I was only mildly self conscious at the beach. I also realized that I was far from the worst looking person out there.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT --- ladies, please walk by a mirror before you go to the beach. That is not a cute little "muffin top" above the bikini bottom, on some of you it was more like the whole loaf of bread. Also - a bikini top is really intended to cover more that just your nipples. Do not get me started on fat men and speedos.

AJ's seafood - on the river side of Tybee. A family favorite.

Both my girls were with us. Molly will be 20 in August, so these memories are going to become fewer and farther between. It was fun though, to all be together. A great trip.

When you are 5'8" and 6'0" and wear a size 4, you can definitely not worry about what a swimsuit looks like on you. My beautiful athletes.

I told you - random babble.

Much love.

I have a beautiful life.

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