Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kinda hard to get here today. There are entities trying to be between me and my HAPPILY TODAY. Like financial aid, the Department of Education Student Loan people, and insurance. Yes all that and a bad attitude open displayed in my building (not me, someone else). Trying to take it away.

Oh well - I promised a reveal of my birthday giftie. I got this from the man for my day last week.

A CRICUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Lots had them on sale and I was arguing with myself about it. It was a want, not a need. He bought it for me.

I immediately went into learn this baby mode. Using blank patterned note cards from the college girl, I added the word and then made these.

Cute thank you notes.

Basic shapes and a font are in the package. Going to be fun. I also used a gift card to buy another cartridge. More on that to come.

OKAY!!!! get ready ladies. The next reveal is simply breathtaking. Yesterday, my friend, flea market Fred, came by. He had bought something over the weekend with me in mind. (Nothing like having your own professional picker) He was willing to let me have it for 5.00. Yup, five whole dollars.
So out to his vehicle we go.

It a box - a metal box - those who know me are fully aware of my "thing" for boxes. Yes siree, I'll give you 5.00 for a cool metal box.

Then he opened it. There was intake of breath and hyperventilating.

Look --- just look what I scored for FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS......

A vintage sign set in a cool metal box.
So I blew off the spending freeze and gave him his FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS.

See that happily today at the top. I did it just for this post.

Not planning on using this in art to sell. This will be mine to play with. Combined with scrabble tiles. I'll be adding words to my tree at Christmas. Various other fun things for me. Gonna be possessive about these. They rank up there with my good kitchen knife and cutting board.

Yes - it is okay if you are jealous.

No - I will not reveal the full identity of flea market fred.

I hope your happily today is easier to find than mine has been.

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