Monday, July 12, 2010

Senior Pictures

I have known Lane for a long time. Lane's Photography - look for her on facebook. Our kids played ball together at the rec department many years ago.

She is doing more and more photography and I asked her to do Softball Princess' senior casual pictures. We met yesterday at the softball field (abby's second home). Some 300 shots later - three locations in the county - and 5 outfit changes - we finished.

Lane did some preliminary editing and posted a preview for me last night. Here are my favorites so far.

She's 17.
All grown up. Am I biased or she stunning? Picture above at Watson Mill Bridge State Park.

She even wore a dress for several shots. (Picture above at MCHS softball field)

I can see her getting ready to move on to the next phase of her life. (Picture above at Watson Mill Bridge State Park)

All full of excitement and enthusiasm for whatever that next stage is. (photo above at MCHS softball field.)

Ready for moving on down where the road ahead leads (photo above at Watson Mill Bridge State Park) ***** this is my favorite so far ******

Why am I sure that empty nest might just feel like being hit by that oncoming train? (photo above on the tracks at Colbert Depot) Love the dress pattern reflected but distorted in the polished top of the rail.

Okay - I'm her mom, so I am quite bound to be excited about these. But of the ones posted, do you guys have a favorite one?

I will tell you that working with Lane was relaxed and easy. She is all about some spontaneous shots but she did do a few poses and backdrops that I asked for. Turns out my favorite is one of the spontaneous ones. We were walking up to the covered bridge at the park and she turned to Abby and said "sit down - right there on the yellow line". BING - beautiful picture.

Yes, it was nearly a hundred degrees, but she loves that jeans and long sleeve shirt enough to endure the heat for the pictures. She also wore her letter jacket for some shots. There were many references to "man sweat".

Thank you Lane for a wonderful experience. I can't wait to see the rest.

My name is mom and my life is beautiful.

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