Thursday, January 06, 2011

Food - Food - Food

I discovered that I enjoy cooking. Scary.

Now I want to jump on getting my kitchen at least reorganized and redecorated. But anyway - this post is not about the kitchen.

It is about yummies.

These yummies.

sorry - late night picture under the flourescent light of the kitchen.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes.

I saw a review of a soon to be released Gooseberry Patch cookbook and this recipe was posted with the review. I am linking back to here, because I have no business posting their recipe and the website where I found it is an authorized reviewer. (she also has a gluten free version posted on the same post)

The following information is an unsolicited review of said recipe ---- OH MY GOD THESE BABIES ARE AMAZING. They are wonderful and the recipe was easy. I took these to work and the guys at the counter even say they are great.

Having said that - I have already decided that a few changes will be in order on my next batch. I will make them with crushed pineapple - just because my family prefers it over the chunks. I will also decrease the amount of butter a bit in the topping part - we also like the texture of the brown suger with crushed pineapple. Last adaptation will be a bit of cinnamon in the topping mixture. Again a family preference.

By all means - link over - try them and let me know what you think.

I'll be buying this cookbook - if I don't win one.

Also on last night's accomplishments - I cleaned (we cleaned-the Man helped) up this mess.

This mess was created with this process.

The pulling of one very dead red cedar Christmas tree carcass thru the window of the dining room. Softball Princess has video on her camera. Parts of this process were hysterical. Now to finish packing it all up and putting all the furniture back.
Now this is for Leandra. I have no idea where this recipe orginates. I was handed a handwritten note of how to make it. My first batch had way to much ginger for my taste. So I scaled it back. The mint and ginger help with soothing the digestive track.
The recipe - infused water
2 liters of plain water
1 tbsp grated fresh ginger
12 mint leaves
1 lemon sliced thin
1 medium cucumber sliced thin.
Heres my take.
I slice my lemons and cukes and drop them in the bottom of my water jug. I found one at the grocery store that had a 2 liter mark. Fill with water.

The picture below is for reference. I did the entire amoutn of ginger for the first batch - then scaled it back - That ginger knuckle below was peeled and grated for my batch last night. That is about all I need - I have no idea how much the measure is.

I also have this fun little tea ball (Leandra I have another if you want it) I tear my mint leaves and put them and the grated ginger in it then drop it in the water. This means I don't have to strain the water when I pour it to drink it. I'm not real excited about "floaty stuff" in my drinks - Unless its a lime and salt in my margarita.

Refrigerate overnight. In the morning I pour mine in three waterbottles that I use over and over. I try to drink all three throughout the day.
This is day four of drinking this - I have to say the digestive issues I have from the adrenal fatigue are better. I'm going to keep experimenting with flavors too. Maybe cut some dried cranberries in half and use those instead of the cucumbers.
Again if you try this - please let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful day - the scale is moving in the right direction.

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