Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MaggieGrace is a little stressed....

Not all of it is negative though.

Softball Princess is a high school senior.

That comes with some serious interruptions in my nice creative quiet lifestyle.

We are touring college campuses.

Visiting coaches.

Preparing for prom.

Preparing for graduation.

Preparing for the next stage in my baby girls life.

Crochet occurs, because it is portable.

Meanwhile, College Girl is looking for internships (chemistry major - anybody got ideas) and beginning her process for selecting a grad school.

Work has given me some new and "heavy" goals and responsibilities.

So I may be a wee bit scarce in these parts for a bit.

Pictures are glimpses of our visit to Oglethorpe University from this past weekend. I am glad I snagged Softball Princess in the right corner of this last one.

Just for the record ---- All college campuses have their own individual BEAUTY. This one is amazing. They actually have a Hogwart's Day here and the architecture is perfect for that celebration.

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