Friday, January 28, 2011

Glimspes of bootcamp

This is the mentally the hardest part of my workout - that right hand turn into the driveway. I always check that little sign - it gives the temperature. I don't know why I check it, the heater display in my SUV also gives the temp.

I park - gather my stuff - lift a quick prayer for stamina and strength to do this. (Funny my performance really does suffer if I skip that step.) couple of puffs on the inhaler and make my way to our starting point.

Tonight it is beautiful 50 degrees - just about sunset. This is the view we run towards as we start laps. Pretty isn't it.
Another note - even when it is super cold, I prefer being outside for our running at least.

That's Christy on the left in white - she's our fearless leader - and she is an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out. LOVE HER. That's Renee and Chris joining her - trying to find out what punishment we are paying for tonight -- she never tells. We are on an "as we need to know basis."

But look behind them. Those are cones. Little yellow cones. I hate those cones. They usually mean some interval of stuff - stuff that makes us grunt, groan, moan, complain. You got the gist of it.
And for an hour we work - hard - on the track - on the field - on the bleachers last night.
In addition to the moaning groaning part, we also learn about the challenges our day has presented. Updates on previous members. Updates on missing peeps. Just stuff. And often we laugh. And sometimes we cry.

At the end of a workout - when this is what we see - there is stretching and a time of prayer. Honestly there is no comparison to the feeling that the phrase "Let us Pray" brings to this particular group meeting.
We lift thanks that we are healthier - we lift petitions that we know of. We love each other. We push each other. We live our lives and our faith here and in the real world.
And ALWAYS - I am glad I made that right hand turn.
now - go - do something good for your health - there will be no regret.

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