Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well hello there.....

I chose the word BEAUTY for January. I chose the word ABUNDANCE for 2011. Well we have had an ABUNDANCE of BEAUTIFUL white stuff here in the South. If you live in the good old USA you are most likely aware that the southern part of our country has been virtually shut down by a winter storm. Starting as snow, changing over freezing rain, then below freezing temps - the South retreated indoors. We do not do bad road conditions well at all.

Sorry about the crappy quality cell photos. Camera was left in the car and I didn't go to retreive it. I was really content in my snug little world.

That's the smokehouse (and the dogs rear end). I see this out my kitchen and bathroom window. I am planning some springtime work on and around this little building.

We had about 7.5 inches. I measured with a real ruler (didn't trust the man and the inaccurate way lots of men measure things -- ya know)

So there has been beer drinking - and cooking - and baking -

Oh and crochet too.

There was also lots of this by all of my household occupants.

There was even snuggling and scratching of the most spoiled one in the house. (the dog - but the man runs a close second to being spoiled.)
I am back at work today - and happy about it.
Tonight finds us without the college girl - she is heading back. I'm still attacking the organization of Christmas stuff before it goes to the attic.
Have a wonderful day.

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