Monday, November 05, 2012


We had a little mishap Friday night. 

A part of THE candolier was dropped from above me and hit me in the eye. 

Enter ME with black eye. 

oh well ....

then - there was a second brass light fixture rehab.

but when I took the grody light apart the glass was even nasty...

and the stains were embedded in the glass.

so there was a regroup ----

I taped the panes off

outside to the spray area -- silver spray paint -- these will not be handled much so there won't be much
danger of the paintcoming off.

then I got brave and peeled off the tape and tried some stamp ink.

on the inside ---

silver ink with clear sparkle embossing powder on a lace detail stamp.

leaves a pretty little edge detail on the lamp.

I covered up the center because there will be surprises for the B2B that I really do not want her to see.

Hope you guys are having a better day than me.


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