Friday, November 30, 2012

musical chairs????

This wedding is killing me ----

Not really ---

Nothing we have DIY'd has been hard to do. Tedious, yes. Time consuming, yes. Not difficult though. 
Thank goodness for PINTEREST. Communication between the Bride2Be has been somewhat easy. She pinned this
Source: via Molly on Pinterest

It's pretty. But it really didn't go with what we are doing in her decor. 

But I happened up on some really random wood pieces. Actually some pieces of chairs - chair backs. 

I had the Father of the Bride paint one a really pale blue grey color. 

Then I took the wording from her pin and printed it on a really pretty iridescent piece of vellum.

Spray adhesive from Elmers glue. (I think I've mentioned that this is a favorite product)  and then some of that stunning embossed paper I bought early on in this wedding project. 

This sign goes on the guest sign in table. It was the last thing for this table completion.

I sent a picture to the Bride2Be.

She wanted "bling"

So I added the mate to the ring pillow earring to the corner.

Not too much but it does add just a little "oomph" to the sign.

Here is a close up of it --- I LURVE!!!!! this paper.

The moral of the story --- think outside the box. Play some musical chairs or whatever.

Yes --- if your wedding is to be vintage and in tones that this works with - it will be available afterwards.

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