Thursday, November 29, 2012

flowers -----

There is not one pinterest inspired idea in this post. Imagine that. Bridesmaids need flowers. Bride2Be had no real idea what we might do. So this one was designed on the fly. Starting with stems similar to the ones above. Ours were white with tiny bits of white glitter on a few of the petals. I got them at Michaels when they were 40% off. They were a bit sparse, so I bought extra, took a few of them apart and added to the bottom of a single stem.

They were ok as they were, just a bit "blah".

So Mom went to work.

I decided they needed some blue bits.

So I mixed up several shades of cheap blue glitter in a small jar.

Made wire teardrop shaped loops.

Sprayed them with Elmer's Spray adhesive. (LOVE THIS STUFF)

Then drug the sticky loops through the glitter.

Easy -----

Then I pulled several of the loops into the white flowers --- see?

I did that randomly --- yup --- I likes this.

Then I dug in the stash and found some blue plastic rhinestones.

More random gluing - I likes this even better.

Then came the fun part. Bride2Be wanted the handle to be thicker.

Think think think. Short pieces of 1" pvc. Add batting. Add teal blue fabric. Glue a button on one end. GLue the flowers in the other. Nice handle.

Then the Bride2Be wanted lace.

Dig dig dig. Find just enough sequin embellished embroidered lace to wrap each handle. (Attached with hot glue)

Add tulle bits to fill around the bottom (and hide imperfections).

Sew on a cute little monogram letter. Repeat 5 times. And.....


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