Friday, November 16, 2012

flower girl

remember these -- melty flowers and the little melty petals for the flower girl to spread.

Well we can't have an unadorned flower girl could we?

Miss Margo will be wearing white tights, white leotard, white shoesies (her word).

And this ......

An adorable tulle tutu --- another really easy to make item.

There is also a lace tiara --- made b laying a thin headband on its side and wrapping it with ribbon and adding sequins and lace.

It will tie in the back and there is a melty flower hair clip that we will clip where she thinks it should go. I attached it to a hairclip so it can be worn separately.

Then we need a carrier for those fake flower petals - so I made a lace cone. But in my "what could go wrong" thinking moments, I realized that the petals would go all the into the unreachable parts of the tip.

Shhh......this part is a secret. There is a red solo cup (thank you toby keith for lyrics that are now embedded in brains all over the nation after they just read that) slid inside the cone. All of the petals will be easily reached.

A better detail shot --- another melty flower and some dangle paper hearts

Molly wanted all of the bouquets to have monograms and we can't leave Miss Margo out. See the blinged up "M" --- cute.

Each of the attendants are also getting a heart charm ---- Since Margo will be tossing petals I decided a necklace was a better option. The heart theme is carried in this little giftie.

I'll assemble all of this on her monogrammed Hanger.

I can't wait to post pictures of this little sweetie.

Mark Flower girl's stuff off the do to list and say that it is DONE.

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