Thursday, November 01, 2012

And so it continues.....

Yes, the area around the shed always looks like that. 

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL FALL DAY. 

We got outside and started the serious work on another wedding project. 

I have no idea where that vintage door was originally. But being the planner that I am (giggle), I knew we would need it for the wedding. Now that was a funny statement. 

Yes that is a pile of pvc pipe. Strong and lightweight and easy to work with. 

Here is the thing put together.

Complete with candolier ( No it is not finished)

At this stage the B2B did not really even like it.

She may not like it when it's finished. But we will see. I HAVE A VISION --- another funny statement. I am winging it as I go.

Knowing it would be turning cold and windy, we disassembled the thing. (its designed for this), and moved it into the work room (also known as the dining room)

I have 10.5 foot ceilings in here, so process this into scale ---- its 10 feet high and  between 6 and 7 wide and 42 inches from front to back.

I barely have room for the ladder to move around it.

I'm covering it in solid white fabric (sheets), lace, tulle, and draping beads, and some swirly stuff that i don't quite know how to describe. There will be sparkly things and melty flowers too.

I really just wanted to show you just how nuts this is, trying to do an entire wedding all by ourselves --- crazy people --- that's us.

 And, because I took these on Halloween night, I found the next picture particularly fun.

I know what the light reflection in the windows are, but those two off to the right of the window --- I'm calling those "ORBS"

Have a great evening.

No wedding work tonight --- gotta restock my booth in the antique mall across the street.


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