Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thank You

Photo below (l-r)
Abby (she's mine), Katie, Nicole, Molly (mine too)
Robert. Cataloochee Ski Resort 2006
To all those in my youth group. Thank you for everything. For entertaining me. For challenging me. For teaching me. For pushing me. For encouraging me. For loving me. For accepting my love for you. For sharing a walk of faith in our loving God with me.

You are moving onto a new phase of your life. You are growing into young men and young women. You are becoming the future. You are beautiful - inside and out. You can be anything you want to be. GOD LOVES YOU. Your families and friends love you. The people of Jones Chapel love you. I love you.

I am so happy to be continuing in the choir arena with those who have chosen to participate. Josh will be your new minister and I do hope you all will decide to give him all that you have given me and more as you grow. I also hope you will choose to find the path God wants for you and that you will each pursue that path with faith.

To everyone at Jones Chapel and those who supported me along the way, I hope you know how much your love, prayers, and support mean to me. I am going to miss being with these guys. Being their youth director was a part of me. I am excited about the changes ahead for them, for Josh, and for me.

To all the parents, please pray us through this transition. You each have wonderful children. I pray for each of them daily as do many others. Your support and encouragement for the youth and the people who will be working with them in the future are just as important now as they have been.

The years I have worked with these kids have been such a blessing to me. I have watched so many of them grow up. I look forward to being close to them as they go out into the world. I love these kids.

To my two, Molly and Abby, thank you for enduring the embarassment of having your mother be the youth director. Thank you for encouraging your friends to come and join us in this group. Thank you for participating fully. Thank you for being the great girls that you are. I love you, MOM.

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christy caughey said...

"SUPERWOMAN" I do not know how you do all the things you do in one day. You need to start a magazine. You are one of the most talented people I've ever seen. Is there anything you don't know or can't do?