Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to work - to rest

What a weekend. The studio cleanout is in full swing. I guess this qualifies for the September challenge. We hauled off 2 truckloads of junk. Put thousands of wire nuts, screws and nails into consolidated containers. Decided how to seal this building against the black snake who is determined to live there too. Dirty, grungy, nasty work. Spider webs. Dust. Wasp nests. Old chemicals. Junk. Trash. Sweat.

That was Saturday.

Yesterday was his day. He organized. Cleaned tools. Put parts away in their proper location. I was summoned when he needed help lifting. I was inside most of the day. Staying out of the way. Out of the way of cussing. Out of the way of his asking "what am I doing?"

So the studio is slowly becoming a reality. Yes it was hard and dirty work and and right now it's his stuff. Next is construction stuff. Then the part I hate most - PAINT. Then the move of my stuff. That will be his turn to keep a low profile while I sort through and organize.

A very productive weekend.

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