Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A small gift for a friend

Mary Ann was a swap partner in the past. I am amazed at how, even across miles, you seem to strike a common note with people. I now consider her a friend.

She is incredibly optimistic. I love that she is willing to look at the bright side of things. I love that she supports indie artists. I love that she is a fab indie artist herself. Evreything she has sent me has been well thought out and incredibly well made. (The english teacher in her will critique me using the same word over and over in a paragraph) She has a birthday this Thursday. And me and my girls are sending her a small package. I am not even going to do this as a teaser. The bookmark is my creation and to showcase a new indie artist, the earrings are a Molly creation.

She is making earrings and boho style necklaces. I am so excited for her. I will be buying her a ton of stuff for Christmas to encourage this endeavor. She is also planning a beading space in the new studio that will work for her.

As she has things ready, I will be posting them. Pricing to come as well.

Happy birthday Mary Ann.


lalheg said...

Wishing Molly all the good luck in her new venture

MaryAnn said...

So, I'm CRYING OVER HERE!!!! REALLY! Wow, thanks:) You have absolutely made my birthday special and beautiful - just like you and your girls! I HEART YOU TERESA!

Anonymous said...

What a lucky lady Mary Ann is to receive such beautiful pieces.