Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Indulgence Series

Fly - Soar - Glide ::: Fabric remnants, raw edge applique, blending filament stitching, fabric stamping. All hand sewn.

Hope - Strength - Courage ::: Felt, Alphabet beads, Sequins, A wonderful rayon multicolor thread, Hand sewn.

Travel - Explore - Experience :::: Paper collage. Wonderful antique map print paper. Various paint chips, Scrapbook stickers and brads, sizzix punch letters. Mixed media collage.

Rest - Relax - Renew ::: cross stitch with hand dyed floss. All my own design.

This is the result of a focused weekend of ATC crafting. The backing has now been glued and these are drying today. I can't believe it took this long to decide how to do these. This project is designed to explore new mediums for me on a small scale. The handstitching on the FLY,SOAR, GLIDE and HOPE, STRENGTH, COURAGE sets was tedious for me. I can see that being an activity for sitting at ball games etc. There is no pattern, so its flexible and I can pick it up and then leave it as needed.

The cross stitch design was very enjoyable. I have an idea for a project that can be adapted and expanded to fit a personal project. I will be exploring more of the designing process in the future. I have cross stitched for years, but only recently started forming my own designs and I will continue to expand my knowledge in that area.

The paper collage was just plain fun. I will be doing a lot of this. I have done mixed media art a lot, but I tend to be very structured in my approach. Symmetry, clean lines, matching colors, structured, planned art is what I lean towards. This set has torn edges, a natural layout, colors I would not normally use, and I enjoyed this. It was an incredibly freeing process. The map print had enough of the visual detail I really like but then tearing and working within that process allowed it to be looser and fun.

I do hope the owners of these find them enjoyable. They will be off to new homes this week.

I plan to attack at least two more sets this weekend. Thank you all for your patience as I explore my art processes.

Have a beautiful day.

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lisa said...


Thank you so much Teresa! It was such a lovely surprise to get it in the mail today. They are absolutely beautiful and I am honored to be the owner of them. The iridescent fabric is wonderful and I really appreciate the handstitching you put into it. Thank you so much!! I'll be posting them on my own blog over the weekend. Thanks again!