Friday, September 01, 2006

September - the mullygrubs

I am just a bit melancholy today. Nothing's wrong, but the month of September does this to me. My Dad's birthday is this month and the anniversary of his death is this month, and I found the lump in my breast in September 10 years ago. The result of all those things is that a heaviness settles on me every year at this time. Weird I know, but alas tis true.

In an effort to deal with these emotions this year, I am going to pay tribute to my Dad this month, here. I apologize in advance if this is too emotional. It is not a pity party in any way - I am not normally a pity party person. Just sometimes seeing the words allows the perspective to be different. I hope you all will bear with me as I do this. Not to worry, there will be plenty of MaggieGrace creativity too.

Check out the pictures. I whooped and giggled when I opened the package of ATC from Audrey's Vintage Children w/Party Hats swap. I love them all. I am not sure how I am going to display these, but they are wonderful and will be out in full view in my studio. The amazing thing to me is how different the interpretations are for the challenge.

I also got a little sweet surprise from MaryAnn yesterday. The tea was wonderful, but not nearly as wonderful as the gesture. She is the sweetest soul. Very supportive of Indie Artists and a fabulous Indie Artist herself. Thank you, thank you.

The other photo is of some of my work - headed out in the surprize packages to Alicia and Carolyn who won a comment contest several posts ago. I had so much fun making the little button cards. The dolphins are a dollar store find and I just thought they were fun. The flower arrangement card is made from buttons off my grandmother's dresses and tops. I am now on the lookout for more of these vintage or vintage style buttons to make more of these. Ladies feel free to dismantle these arrangements if you can find a use for the buttons.

The embellished letters are the ultimate in fun finds. I got these from a lady who makes custom photo mats. She will cut words or letters out of the matboard and you have the photo behind the letter opening. I bought a gallon baggie of these leftover matboard cutouts - mixed letters - for less than a dollar. Embellished with AnnaGriffin papers and other stuff. Fun - fun - fun.

The tiny little granny squares are about 2"x2" - a pain in the *%$ to crochet but too cute not to share. If you ladies find a use for these, please email me a photo. I made them while waiting for my girls at various places.

All photos are taken against a thrifted piece of silk drapery fabric.

Tribute note to about my Dad. He was my biggest supporter in anything I tried to accomplish. If I failed, he was there to help pick up the pieces. If fear or previous failure was keeping me from trying again or trying something new, he was the one who encouraged me to let go and get on with it. I say that as if I am the only one who received this gift. My sister will say the same thing. Many others who came in contact with him would voice a similar story. He was an encourager. He was a teacher. He loved life. If he had been given the choice, he would have fought to stay here with us. I wish my girls had known him. He would have been one of their biggest supporters too.

Day 32 of using what I have. I am calling the August challenge a success. Now onto the clean it up, give it away, toss it out plan for September.

Plans for the weekend include much work on the studio space. And a focus on the ATC indulgence project.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.


lalheg said...

Sending hugs

Shula said...

Rock On!

Start as you mean to go on, I always say.

I like the sound of him already.

Suse said...

Sorry to hear this is your melancholy month, but that was a lovely tribute to your dad :)

lalheg said...

Hope you are workign through eveyrthing - can I give you a swap-bot nudge re the bottle swap?