Thursday, September 21, 2006

These ATC are headed to new homes

MaggieGrace goodies are on their way to new homes. I do hope the new owners will take good care of them. The ATC indulgence series has been a lot of fun for me. Also a huge challenge. This set Worship - Rejoice - Celebrate - is heading to a certain "timely" lady in NY. This was magazine clipping collage. And I am very happy with them - but I found the time spent searching for the images to be very tedious. That has been my least favorite thing to do so far. I keep magazines for the girls to use in school projects and I have used images for church craft projects. But sitting down with an idea of what I was looking for size, image and color turned out to be hours long. I could find an image but it was too big or too small or the wrong color. Any way - when they were finished - i was pleased. I am even more pleased with how they represent Christ and the rejoicing and celebrating of His beautiful grace. He has blessed me with this talent for creativity, He is giving me an opportunity to share it with others, and He has provided me a path for eternal living with Him. I am celebrating His love and salvation every day. I hope the new owner has reason to celebrate as well.

Next ones - off to Canada. Words - Reclaimed - Recycled - Reused and everything in this assembly is one of those words. These were the most fun for me. Combining these elements in a way that made it a set was the most difficult part. But working in the mixed media arena continues to draw me in.

What am I finding out about me in this process? Mixed media and embellished textile/fiber arts are what I am still drawn to. I am very comfortable with a needle and thread and the feel of fibers and fabrics is exhilarating to me. Mixed media is just plain fun for me. I love the digging through boxes of stuff and finding elements that work together. I love figuring out how to attach those elements (there have been many bought lessons here). This approach to art is just relaxed and enjoyable to me.

I am so enjoying this entire process. I am finished with 21 of the 150 ATC. Thanks to all the participants for their patience.

Keep looking - more to come. Tomorrow would be my dad's birthday, Saturday is the anniversary of his death. I will post the story tomorrow.

On the 100th post - coming really soon - I will be giving away a box of 100 goodies to one lucky commentor. Some of the box contents--- fabric - candles - embroidery floss - ribbon - etc.

I am having a wonderful day - the weather here is just about as perfect as you can get.

I am wishing you a beautiful day too.


Dawn said...

Who would not be thrilled with such a gift!?
Thanks, T...

ellia said...

wow, now that is one big project on your hands! and no doubt, people will love them and appreciate them :D

Anonymous said...

Teresa...those atc's are gorgeous. I still can't get over the number of those little babies you will be making and sending out. Would love to see more of them :o)