Monday, September 25, 2006


Molly in action. Volleyball is an amazing sport. When we played it was 6 people lined up 3 and 3. No strategy, just hit the ball back across. Now there's a plan - plays to learn - stats to keep - positions. These girls are athletes and they are becoming a team.

Abby on third base and she is not afraid to steal home at the first opportunity. This child eats, sleeps, and breathes softball. Not once have I ever heard her complain about practice or being exhausted through the heat of all those summer games. She plays every position except pitcher and if she's on the bench she is the best cheerleader they have. A true team player.

I missed them this weekend. I was out of town and it was a nice working mini vacation, but I still was thrilled when Abby gave me a hug on arrival last night. (this is very rare) We are close to our girls. We are active in their lives. We are strict about education. We are insistent that they finish what they start. We require them to be respectful to each other and to anyone they come in contact with. (Most of the time they are respectful of each other.)

I am glad they play sports. It teaches discipline. It teaches sportmanship. It teaches that no matter how hard you try, sometimes the other team wins. It teaches that if you slack up, then your performance suffers. Sports teaches lessons than you can apply throughout your life. We are committed to their sports. (I have said we hope there are scholarships available but it won't save us any money because we are just paying for college one weekend at a time.)

I really just want to put it out there how important these girls are to us and how much I miss them when we are apart.

I was able to do a little quilting on the toile baby quilt this weekend. The basting is complete and seven of the 36 squares have been handquilted. I am enjoying this project and there will be more of these. I cannot figure out what I was afraid of.

I had a wonderful dinner with a friend on Saturday night. I really want that person to know - a bottle or two of wine is so much better when combined with laughter, good food, good company, and good conversation. Thanks for having dinner with me. I had a very enjoyable evening.

Now that the difficult part of September is over for me, I can progress on MaggieGrace goodies.

I want to give an update on my TO DO LIST (in no particular order)

1. 100th post giveawy (this is post 99 so tomorrows post is the big one)
2. Baby Maggie's quilt
3. Baby Charlie's gift
4. Brianna's baby gift
5. bird ATC for a swap
6. textile ATC for a swap
7. autumn splendor ATC for a swap
8. Christmas tree ornaments
9. My ATC indulgence project
10. the Christmas program at Church.
11. Bazaar crafts for our church bazaar (ideas here would be really nice)
12. pink/brown swap (there may be a crown involved) doesn't everyone need a crown??
13. the studio (ongoing)

Check in tomorrow for the 100th post update and contest.

Have a beautiful day.

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Josephine said...

I think all those things you said about athletics are true. They will also make wonderful memories of childhood that way.

Thank you, and I hope you have a beautiful day, too!