Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My blog is 100 posts old today.

Its here - 100 posts. I really did not anticipate reaching this goal. But I have encountered so many wonderful, kind, encouraging, inspiring, (go on and on here) people, and now I can see this being a long term committment.

I read your blogs. I read your comments. I compare myself positively and negatively against your work. Against your writing. I have found new challenges in this community. I have discovered new mediums. I have grown as an artist, as a writer, and as a person. I had no idea that I would add friends from all over the world through this medium. I appreciate the relationships I have gained. I appreciate those friends who know me in my real life also.

I am answering a calling I did not realize I had. And as I add to this journal, I find myself having a stronger calling for the next thing. I wonder, has this calling always been there, or am I just now really learning to focus and listen. I want to share my creativity with others, I want to give small nuggets of thought and of life lessons, I really want to explore this calling further. Thank you all for the encouragement you give me. Thank you for visiting.

This being the 100th post. I would love to have many comments to choose from. I would like to ask each reader to comment, or email me with 100th post as the email subject line. The subject, ENCOURAGEMENT. Tell me who is your biggest supporter, or who has secretly encouraged you, tell me which blogs you read and what encouragement you find, tell me how you encourage others. . Encourage me, encourage each other, encourage your self and do it here. You do not have to have a blog to participate, and the email version will work just fine.

The prize - a large box with 100 items in it. Stuff - a random assortment of it. You know like the grab bags you bought at a general store years ago. I have been building this box for several weeks. At 5:00 pm Eastern time on Friday September 29, I will print all the posts and emails, put them in a box and draw one name - then will mail you the box. FUN.

I hope to hear from many of you. Pass the word along to your friends.

Photo at the top. A wonderful embroidered tea towel from sallymb, and a copy of a drawing by my daughter Molly. (A copy of the drawing is one of the items in the box)

Please participate. I hope you have a beautiful day.

edited - leslie you are my winner. please email me with snail mail addy so i can send you a box of goodness. have a beautiful day.


lalheg said...

Congratulations on 100!

Encouragement for me comes from an ever growing community of wonderful artists, crafters, artisans and fiddlers - some from Yahoo groups and forums, some from swapping sites and some from blogs. The common thread is one of collaboration; a desire to share not just finished work or techniques, but also windows into lives; pieces of the heart; thoughts, fears and triumphs.

I've recently started a new challenge, my Creative journey blog and group, that is all about encouraging each other to explore a self chosen theme using different challenges each month. Already the support of this group is tangible. Would you like to join us?

jungle dream pagoda said...

I almost forgot the share portion of this post. While my husband was giving me google assignments to learn the computer(remember,I'm hopelessley lo-tech),I stumbled in to My House Is Cuter Than Yours,she is my kind of unique and I began to think maybe I had something to say.Thus it began.

jungle dream pagoda said...

See Im so lo-tech that my 1st comment did not show up.Congratulations,this is actually my 1st visit here I'm pretty sure you comment on the Project Runway re-cap,but i must say this is a very nice place to visit!

Sally said...

Hey Teresa, I'm so glad you like your tea towel! Congratulations on 100 posts! I may get there in a year or so..I'm also enjoying reading all the wonderful and inspiring craft blogs out there. Every day I seem to find more - I don't know where they all come from! Floresita is one of my current favourites

shula said...

100th post:

First, congratulations.

My biggest supporter is my daughter, first of all, I still cannot quite believe how sincerely supportive and encouraging she is, particularly on a creative level. We set each other off on creative frenzies on a regular basis.

My little sister, shannon:

Also my best friend, who makes me laugh, whether I want to or not. Relentlessly irreverent.

Favourite and most supportive craft bloggers:

I could go on like this for hours.

Leslie said...

100th post...will I ever reach that landmark???? Encouragement...well I'll begin with you, then Beth (Felt Like Knitting), Katie (Knits and Grits), Katie Sue (KC Quilts)and Autum (Creative Little Daisy). These are just a few of the many out there in blogland. These ladies have encouraged me to renew a long lost love of mine...just making things with my hands. Of course, my stuff doesn't even compare to theirs.

MaryAnn said...

Happy 100th post! First of all, thanks for the celebration - how fun?! Second, I am inspired by you - how do you do it all?! I'm also encouraged by my sweet Cierra - I have the best daughter in the universe (other than yours, of course!) and she encourages me to be kinder, gentler, and funnier than I knew I could be. I am encouraged by other moms/bloggers/crafters who seem to have no time to be ourselves, but still manage to carve out little attic and shed spaces where we can be alone to create. People like you! I have a whole big list of favorite blogs, but I won't list them here because I am celebrating you and your 1ooth post! HOORAY T!

Natasha said...

Ahh Maggie congrats on the 100th, finding fellow bloggers like you this past summer (I am so new to the blog world) has given me such a freeing of creative juices that I cannot even begin to express. I find encouragement in family first off, in blogs I love, like yours and those evergrowing on my blog and in waking up to each new day full of possibilities. Congrats to you!!!