Friday, December 14, 2007

Round and round

First a question -- does a CD really spin???? That question came from a three year old when I put a CD in at church. Man the things you learn while trying to answer their questions. There is no picture of the mix CD that JEN sent in her next package. I forgot it this morning or I would be listening to it. I love these kinds of CD's because the music everyone listens to is so eclectic. Instead - I'm really old (teenager perspective) - a teen of the 80's - I have been listening this morning to Journey - and singing. Yes - if you pull up to me at a red light and I appear to be singing - roll down the window and listen - there is no telling what it might be. The music I listen too is as varied and unpredictable as december weather in the south.

About the weather - after a week of sunny 70 degree days - we are going to have cold rain over the weekend. Then it supposed to stay cold. Maybe.

Next picture - a WIP shot of the gift tags from this year and a sneak peek of the cover of the journal MaryAnn sent

Yes - I have it hung over a fork. These are stamped and gold embossed trees. Love these - it took longer to punch than to stamp and emboss. When I was embossing with the heat gun I had to get close to the edge and that was way to close to my fingers - hence the fork. This is in my kitchen at the island and it was the closest "holder" available. When I realized just how convenient this was - I added a fork to the tool list to put in the studio drawer when I move in - this joins other high tech tools like a metal skewer, toothpicks and wooden spring clothes pins. These tags will adorn all my packages - the girls love them. I made some hot pink Santa ones as well - pictures to come later of those.

Last night I was alone in the house. That used to be rare, but as the monsters get older, it is happening more and more. I found all the "stuff" for the king's cape - started a hat/crown - and worked out a pattern for some pointed toe "elf" type sock covers. I made the pattern out of paper - then a calico cotton and sewed the pattern together while I was watching Project Runway reruns. Those will be on the agenda tonight to assemble from acrylic felt and embellish. Easy to make - adjustable - I'll post the instructions for these on Monday - I will be using this pattern for the woodland fairy costume next Halloween.

After everyone went to bed, I finished the 20th hat and started number 21. This one is hot pink and already has been assigned to a new owner. It was quiet in the house and I was pondering things. Look at the pattern the crown of these hats make.....

Like I said - this is the beginning of hat number 21, being made from a stranded smooth acrylic yarn. I had not noticed the pattern until this one. The spiral is really pretty to me. But since I didn't notice this - I was pondering just how many patterns we don't notice. I'm talking behavioral patterns - mental patterns - emotional patterns - both negative and positive. I identified several phrases that I use than can set up a negative vibe in my life and I have a feeling I found some of the best New Years Resolutions fodder I have had in many years. Look for more on this.

The Christmas list is oh so slowly dwindling - next week will be busy - decorating - creating - then after the holiday - the studio becomes my top priority. It's close to being ready to paint and the feeling in that space is very relaxing and creative - I cannot wait to start that process and then load my stuff in there. I really wonder how many things I'll find that I have forgotten about.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Vallen said...

I love looking at the geometry of patterns after a project is finshed. As in life, sometimes when you're in the doing of it, the pattern doesn't appear. It's only when you look back on it that you see it.

Elizabeth Prata said...

You're pretty durn creative and busy now, but do you think you will be even busier when the studio gets done? I mean, having it al together in one place? What are you most looking forward to?

Nikhil said...
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Karen at Junking in Georgia said...

You are a hat making machine... I know those who are lucky enough to get them will love them.. I hope it does start to feel more like Christmas around these parts soon ... have a good weekend

Mary Ann said...

I think your fork is a perfect tag-dangling-holder-thingie.

see you there! said...

The hat looks great. I can't believe you are on #21. If I make two of anything I feel I've really stuck with it.

I'll check for the pattern Monday. Maybe I'll make, uhhhh, ONE.


Felicia said...

LOL I've been known to sing along with Journey in the car as well and to seat dance to Van Halen's Jump :) Hope you're staying warm in our sudden blast of cold :)