Friday, May 28, 2010

Once Wed.......

MaggieGrace --- aka Teresa needs a weekend of rest and relaxing. Being back at work plus summer softball stuff plus recovering from kidney cancer and subsequent kidney removal surgery has taken its toll this week. So there you have our plans. I have thank you notes to write. I also have some MaggieGrace goodies in the plans.

I read a ton of blogs. My google reader has hundreds of feeds set up and today's inspiration comes from there.

This picture was posted on the once wed blog. Scroll down to the May 17th post.

I think I may have swooned. The colors. That wall. The moss. The candles. THE..... THE.... THE....

But the following cropped part of the picture was the one thing that my eye returned to over and over.

That moss covered box.

I have an idea........

I have a paper mache heart shaped box that has a damaged lid. (Poca dog was the guilty party). Let's see what the weekend brings.

Thank you to those who are serving my country, and to those who have loved ones serving our country. Thank you to those who gave of themselves and their families as well. We are blessed to be free, but I know that freedom comes with a cost. At my house - we will remember and we will pray.

I have a beautiful life.

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