Tuesday, August 03, 2010

For Lannae

Lannae was SUPER CONCERNED about my being MIA. or maybe she was just SUPER AGGRAVATED that nothing new was here. So she hit my facebook wall with a comment.

Here ya go my sweet friend.

Last week found the Man at my Address alone and in the little town of Dahlonega, GA. Softball Princess was there for a camp and he was early to the scrimmages they were to have that afternoon. He wandered around the little downtown area, which includes one of my favorite antique malls.

When I got there for the late game, he moved his stuff from a friends car into ours. Late that night, games are finished and we are starting the 2 hour drive home. I find a little bag in my seat. The little bag contained the stuff pictured below.

Buttons - yup in the last 4 months he brought me a shelf for the studio, a cricut for my birthday, AND a little baggie of buttons. Maybe he is nearing his first graduation certificate for husband training 101. (been married almost 25 years folks)

Then yesterday, Flea Market Fred appears at the store. He had aquired some freebie things over the weekend and brought me these souvenir display spoons. Not sure ultimately what will come of all these, but

two of these three will soon be a baby bracelet. And three way cool pendants. Love the shape of the spoon bowls on these.

Now - you saw my CELEBRATE BANNER. (Scroll down one post if you missed it)

MaryAnn got to choose this months word -- her choice was CHANGE.

Here is a breakdown of my first CHANGE project. Hear this -- all from the stash with one exception. The fabric was sent by MaryAnn for the softball princess room makeover. Pictures of that change still pending. I dreamed this project and had to make it RIGHT NOW.

I have moved this tray out of the way too many times to count over the last several years - yes years. It was 80's pink with a floral heart print. I grabbed the tray and some satin nickle spray paint. Look closely you can still see the heart faintly through the first layer of paint.

Also grabbed a leftover chunk of foam insulation and using a highly technical measuring and circle drawing device, (I traced a dinner plate) I marked and cut a circle of the foam.

Spray adhesive - from Elmers. I bought it at the Dollar General so it is inexpensive too.

Short sequin pins and tacky glue for the edges.

I pinned it fairly close together. Then I added double stick foam tape squares.

Leaving me with this......

A metal edge for magnets and

A purple and silver pinboard for over the softball princess desk.

So in my first interpretation of the word CHANGE - I CHANGED a tray and assorted other stuff into a custom pinboard.

How does that sound?

Have a wonderful day.

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