Wednesday, September 08, 2010

100 affirmations ......

Last night / yesterday I undertook a little self imposed challenge. Nothing fancy, I was just counting blessings and realised how full full full my life is with them. I decided to send out 100 affirmations in some way. I sent texts - I sent emails - I wrote a few personal notes - then I wrote some non personal ones that I could leave for discovery. I had no expectations from this exercise. It was all about letting people know that they matter.

Wow - I got texts back - I got emails back - I got email from the random cards I left places. (I used a freebie email account that I set up just for fun stuff. ) Try it - with no expectations. It was fun - I am so glad I did it.

Now for more of my weekend' s progress.

Remembering that September' s word in my collaboration with MaryAnn is FINISH. I am still working on the softball princess room redo. We are close.

This desk - an old college dorm room desk that my mom thrifted when I was a pre-teen - has been in the room all along. It was okay - functional - but hellooooo - it was ugly. That 70's brown stain finish. And brass pulls. Stunning. We had discussed painting it, but never gotten around to it.

Well, I headed to HD on Sunday afternoon and bought some of this paint in black. Picture below is another look at that lovely finish.
Because I spent hours of research time, I knew exactly what to do -- hehe. Did you see the workbench in that first picture - the man's toolbox on the front porch? Now that is a dream workshop if I ever saw one. (the weather was gorgeous and the temps perfect to be outside)
I took the hardware off and kinda sanded the shiny spots. There weren't many after all these years.
Then.... again because I have that dream workshop....
I poked the hardware through a holder (aka a cardboard box) and spray painted the hell out of it.

Shh thats an extra drawer pull - more on that later.
I held the box upside down so the loose part of the hardware would dangle and give me the coverage I needed. (Krylon spraypaint in brushed nickel)

A Sunday afternoon well spent. Looks great against the wall in her room. Oh yeah - I forgot - after I painted all of it but the top - we decided to paint the top with chalkboard paint - I may become obsessed with black furniture and chalkboard paint.

Anyway - one FINISHED desk checked off the list of projects I just never got around to completing.
I am blessed. You are beautiful. I love my life.

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