Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cuffed (again)

IT'S NOT CANCER.... Those words will also echo in my brain. The masses in my lower abdomen are scar tissue and ovarian cysts. Watchful waiting right now - I will be reevaluated in 6 weeks. I have homework to do in the meantime. Decisions about hormones and ovary removal and long term whole body health (I had no idea that hormones could affect dementia and your heart health). So we breathe. On Friday, I have my lithotrypsy and then move on.

Now for fun stuff.

I played in the cuff swap and received beautiful cuffs from my partner. I have sent off her package and I hope it is loved by her as much as I love mine.

In addition to her cuff, I included a Belle Blanc inspired bottle.

Not a vintage bottle, still pretty. I created a "stopper" using rolled up lace. Tied it off with Tulle and a silk flower and bead. The bottle contains a few vintage pearls from a thrifted necklace and some gorgeous german glass glitter. I spritzed everything with some Glimmer Mist in a shell color.

Here is a view of the finished cuff. I crocheted the medallion backing for the cameo. Glued the cameo into place and then hand stitched the creamy glass beading. I folded linen into the cuff and crocheted the tiny ruffles down each side. The lace is vintage and I wove in some silk ribbon that matched the color of the backing. The lace was then stitched to the linen.

The backing is crushed silk in a golden color. I interfaced it for some extra rigidity, but I used a light weight collar interfacing so it is quite comfortable to wear. The buttons are non working, I actually used snaps as the closure. Everything is hand stitched together (no sewing machine was harmed or verbally abused in the construction of this.)

Another view of the parcel.

See that rose medallion. A crochet rose. I love making these and often will do those with a remnant of yarn.

Here is how I used it.

A pretty little package.
Linda - I really hope you are happy with this.

I am having a wonderful, low stress day.

I won't be back here before next week - I'm spending my weekend recuperating.
Enjoy yours.

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