Monday, September 13, 2010

warning - too funny --- but it is not me.

This was me in May 2009. the picture that triggered a whole new lifestyle.

This was me on September 9, 2010. Others have noted differences - I struggle to see them.

But here is the reason for the post title. This morning, my lovely inbox contained comments on an old post that include the links for MaggieGrace Nude - MaggieGrace Topless - MaggieGrace Naked. At least my commentor was not named ANONYMOUS. This one's name is BEST. The comments even say Great Quality.

Normally - I would simply delete these comments and go on. But considering my quest for my health and fitness, I'm addressing this quite honestly.

1 - I have never been drunk enough to forget what I did. I have wished for that to be the case, because I have done some pretty stupid things in years past that I wish I could forget. (old old news)

2 - so unless there is footage out there that I am completely unaware of (unlikely) - this type of video has not been made of me.

3 - I have seen the above person sans clothing. Great quality is not a very accurate description of that. For starters - right now there is an UGLY bright red scar that used to read FEAR, but now is simply interpreted as live-saving. (Still - it ain't pretty)

4 - I am still significantly overweight. Headed the right direction, but still not worth this kind of attention.

5 - I do not know where the comment links take you, but I am terribly sorry Mr or Mrs Best, those videos are not of me. While some may have been very flattered by this comment - I am not. And while some may be excited about these links - if they were of me, counselors everywhere would be getting "OMG help me get that image out of my brain" phone calls.

Thus ends my commentary on Mr Best's links to the internet netherworld.

Please do not follow such links. This is a public service warning.

Have a wonderful day.

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