Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This is her yearbook casual picture. She sure is pretty.

Last night was spent looking through mountains of old pictures. Softball end of season stuff includes a dvd and blast from the past pictures of the seniors. Narrowing those down to 4 pictures was a serious trip down memory lane. I'll post the others later.

These 10 softball senior mommies have been together a long time. Abby (and molly) both went to a daycare here called The Busy Box. 30 kids graduated from the K4 program at the daycare. Of those 30 kids - 27 will graduate from MCHS this spring. One from OCHS in a neighboring county. Leaving two unaccounted for.

Since we all have cried during the dvd presentation every year, I know this one will be a tear festival. I have placed an order for extra kleenex.

Softball Senior night is 21 days away.


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