Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lets get out and play

It was a stunning long weekend. Hints of fall in the air. My favorite time of year. Cool mornings, warm afternoons.

On Friday morning, the loverly medical people that gave me a new lease on life in April, blasted the stone that was lodged in my remaining kidney. This went really well and in full crude rude and obnoxious me fashion - I say - "I have pissed a beach." They broke the stone into small pieces - some resemble beach sand. Once I slept off the anesthesia on Friday afternoon, I was good to go. Only tylenol for the discomfort.

I had finished up some pretties that I always envisioned in my trees outside. On Saturday morning, I headed out and strung these - it immediately looked like a party. Aren't they fun.

Handpainted words. Strung together in threes. Hanging in my eucalyptus tree. Poor tree had a rough start in life, the man repeatedly ran it over with the mower. We persevered and she has rewarded me with about 30 feet of growth. I cut this for arrangements all the time and during cold season, I hang a few in the shower to rub and release that oil. mmmmm.

See the little curly cues that I crocheted out of the yarn from my stash. The dapple light is simply wonderful. I handpainted the lettering on scraps of muslin.

There is the whole lot of them - looks so happy to me.

The dream - plan - act set is painted with the most gorgeous chocolate color.
I stitched the words onto some fabric samples that are in the stash. I didn't even trim the paper edging off the fabric. It stiffened them perfectly

Paisley - fun words of wisdom - curly cues - simple things make me so happy these days. And this was a completely stash driven project.

The rest of the weekend was productive too. More on those as the week progresses.

I'll be making a few more of this type of banner.
They were fairly quick steps. If anyone wants the directions for the curlies, just let me know. Like everything I do, they are step by step easy easy.
Have a wonderful day.

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