Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finished .......

I'll will elaborate more on the striped blanket tomorrow. But for today I am super busy at work and celebrating the FINISH of the kidney cancer surprise side trip today.

I took this picture this morning - a filet crochet sign at the check in desk of Northeast Georgia Cancer Care center. I loved this detail.

My Oncologist gave me the lowdown on the future for me. There is a 70% chance that I will have no more cancer. Follow up scans for 5 years (every 6 months). No need for a prevention drug. Watch the cysts in my pelvis - if they grow then deal with them - otherwise just watch 'em.

It is done. On with Teresa's life.

They cheered me out of there. Nurses - staff - patients in the waiting room.

I'm calling that my most successful FINISH - since our word for September is just that.

But I also FINISHED crocheting the striped blanket last night. Got a bit more I want to do to this, but I'm giving you the cell phone picture I snapped this morning.

It is a beautiful day - I have a beautiful life - I do hope you have beautiful in your life too.

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