Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good news and bad news

I realized after a comment that I had not shared the loss of Poca with this group of people. That rotten dog was at the center of my family's world. Picture below shows just how spoiled she was. She was also quite an escape artist. From many attempts to keep her restrained.

On the Friday before the Softball Princess left for college, she managed to pull off her run and as was always her habit, she took of to chase cars. We kept her on the run or leash always when outside, but she was determined to chase certain cars. In one of the most horrible things I have ever been through - she ran out into the road and was hit by a car while we watched and were trying to get her back into the yard. There have been many tears shed over this and many swears to never have a pet again.

(Please don't anyone make negative comments about irresponsible pet owners here. We have had several dogs. All of these have lived very long and spoiled lives. We still have a black lab who is twelve and very sweet and kind. He also never tries to get out. Different personality entirely.)

On Saturday, a friend relayed to me that his mom had a dog they were going to have to find a home for, or return him to the pound. (Did you know that returned dogs are often put down immediately) Miss Lynda is 70 and lives alone. She had rescued a dog from the pound and soon discovered he was way too much dog for her. He was too strong for her and she was afraid of falling and breaking a bone while walking him. Well - All that swearing I would never get another dog went right out the window. I wanted to meet Rusty.

Yesterday I did. I went to her house and this stunner met me at the door - we visited - we bonded - he came home with me.

Meet Rusty. A boxer - retriever - shepherd mix.

Things I know already

 - he wants to be everybody's buddy.

- he is already housebroken

- he is already crate trained

- he stays off the furniture (whooo hooooo)

- he loves peanut butter

- he follows me around everywhere - this will probably only be until the SoftBall Princess gets home.

- he melts my heart when he lays his head on my knee just for a few quick scratches.

- he walks wonderfully on his leash - and gives you no problem about putting it on.

One more picture - he had no anxiety with joining my family. He is already buddies with the black lab we have.

This is gonna be okay.

(Some more good news -- The Man at my Address had a skin thing removed from his face. We have been holding our breath waiting for the results - it was skin cancer, but it was a basal cell carcinoma and the dermatologist got all of it and clean margins. Only follow up will be for checkups. Maybe he will sleep tonight. )

I do hope all of you have a great day.

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