Monday, August 22, 2011

A visitor

Saturday found me doing really fun stuffs.

First off - a radio broadcast as advertising for the store. Tim and Wendy are great fun to hang out with. Thanks to then for having me as a guest.

Then I visited with a friend.

Then headed home to fix banana bread with the way over ripe fruit on the counter.

At that point I realized that I needed to find some keys. I had put those "Just where I would remember" and apparently that was not effective. So I started looking and upon climbing on the chair in my kitchen and then discovering just how filthy all the stuff on the top of the cabinets had become. My Saturday plans took a side step into a serious kitchen cleaning adventure. I took everything off the top of the cabinet - I scrubbed and washed and reworked the display and storage ---- wow.

Then I invited a friend to stop for coffee and banana bread -

We took our drinks to the front porch - perched in the swing.

Our conversation goes like this........
He: you didn't do a very good job getting your buddy to understand.
Me: what
He: He's really close to you right now.
Me: (heavy sigh) Dammit where is he.
He: You mean you haven't spotted him?
Me: (now looking around seriously) WHERE IS HE?
He: On that big ol' tree right there.
Me: (realizing that my view is blocked by the porch post) Well damn - but he's still in his space.

Here is a picture of my buddy - previously know as Mr Black Snake - his new name is Steve (inside joke here)

I have spoken of sharing my studio space with him often - as in here.

I am not afraid of him - he just has to obey the rules and stay away from the house.

We continued our conversation and he sat and watched us for a while - then on up the tree he went.

It was a beautiful weekend - Hope you had one too.

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