Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well - Its called an empty nest - NOT

I think they call this Empty Nest Syndrome. We moved the Softball Princess into her dorm on Sunday. The College Girl (she's a senior) moved herself in yesterday - with the help of a friend. Leaving me and a VERY silent, sulking Man at home by ourselves.

Well the reality of the situation is that - yes - the children are gone, but this house is far from empty. There are piles of crap everywhere. Read back through this blog and you will find thousands of words related to my lack of domestic genetic abilities.

As you know - I am now on a tear to get myself together. Finish up some things. Find a cleaner, simpler, better future for this house and the occupants (specifically me).

Again I say - my "Give a Damn" circuitry has been repaired.

So yesterday went something like this. Work -- workout -- quick grocery stop -- cook dinner -- make 9000 trips to the studio returning crap that we brought to the house (QUICK SECRET - THIS ACTIVITY WAS CALLED CLEANING -- shhh don't tell my brain). ---- then I found a project that I abandoned at some time in the past.

So after about three hours of domestic activity - I sat down and rewarded me with an hour of time working on this......

It is close to finished and I have no idea why I abandoned it - but I found it while I was cleaning. Gonna finish it, repaint the frame that came with the kit and be done with it. I put it beside my chair and will spent a few quality minutes at night until its done.

What about you? Are there unifinished projects at your house? Hell - my house is an unfinished project. But now I am once again focused on getting my act together.

Join me?

Have a beautiful day -- I am.

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