Monday, August 01, 2011

Last weekend as a full time mommy....

Ok - Softball Princess moves into the dorms next Sunday. She is 18 years old. I will be only a weekend mom from here on.

So yesterday - Sunday, July 31 - she filled out forms

Joined by these two clowns.... (Chance and Blake)

 Waited oh so patiently

 Watched the skies carefully

 Suited up...

 Horsed around just a bit for stress relief.

 Then she hugged her daddy.
She hugged mom too. That picture is not on my camera.

 Loaded up on this thing.

 Took off .......

And came down from 14000 feet .... like this

Landed safely.

 Just so their moms know - Chance landed safely too.

 And Blake had the best landing.

On the way to she said to us "if I die will you make sure my nails get painted."

After she finished she said "I felt like google earth."

Next year Mom gets to jump too.

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