Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekends are for breathing.....

And that is exactly what I did. After a very tough week, I need some mental health time.

Saturday provided just what mama needed. I got up to find my Crusty Old Friend in the driveway - not only did said friend bring lavender plants the he saved from a jobsite - he showed up with shovel and planted the dang things for me - there was coffee in the porch swing following that wonderful surprise.

The man took off to the Bakery to hang with his friend and I had a baby shower to attend. On the way I stopped at an Antiques Mall that I had heard about and OH MY - I'll be going back there.

Then I got a text that said simply "DOGS A CHEWER"

I knew then that this sweet face attached to this sweet pup had done something else.

Rusty - he don't do so well staying by himself. He has destroyed his crate twice from the inside. And he did this........

 Yup - he tried to eat the door.

Hard to believe that this sweetie (had him less than a week and as long as I'm around he is settled and subdued. He lays at my feet or close enough to be able to see me all the time) has that kind of bad behavior in him.

Big thank you to Crusty Old Plumber for beefing up the crate - hopefully it will work.

There was MaggieGrace goodness too.

I have a friend who is getting married in September and I have seen these all over the internet. (I have no idea who's image this is.

 So I grabbed my Rustoleum Painters Touch Paint. This time in semi-gloss black. God - I love this paint and NO, the great people at Rustoleum do not have a clue who I am nor do they give me product or payment to say that - I just really, really like this paint.

I painted a canvas solid black - and yes I get close to my work and I get paint all over me.

Then I grabbed my Cricut - (again they don't have a clue who I am) and a couple of cartridges. And started cutting ------ plain white cardstock letters.

I spread them out on the back of an unopened canvas just to "kinda" plan a layout.

There were strong words and re cuts made ----- "we do mistakes" got cut at least three times in different sizes - the third time sent me into giggles just because I was cutting mistake after mistake after mistake (sorry - at the time, it was funny)

Then I ACTUALLY used appropriate tools - a tape measure and some lotack painters tape. To actually lay out the lettering.

I glued it all in place with ModPodge (the people at Plaid don't know me either)

I would like to say it all went exactly as planned - but since there was no real plan - that would just be a complete lie. I had to re-cut a few. And I glued as I went - there was no measuring and accurate detailed plans for this. I did a few lines from the bottom. Then a few from the top. Then said "oh, shit" and cut that damn "we do mistakes" phrase AGAIN in a smaller font.

Ultimately - I got all of my phrases on the canvas.  All I like now is a couple of finish coats of the ModPodge and this can go live at the newlywed's house.

Note - I took this to work for proofreading . I will be making more - I'm thinking the next one will use the Espresso or Mocha paint and some patterned papers. We will see.

Even cooler - this one was completed 100% from supplies I already own.

Much love and great day wishes to all of you.

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