Tuesday, August 02, 2011

watching airplanes

"Right now I'm sitting out here watching airplanes" Gary Allan

That's kinda what I was doing when I was distracted by a random natural heart.

I think it is so cool when you find hearts in those unexpected times or places.

See it?????

I also hope to finish this little project today so I can have a reveal tomorrow.

 And the Crusty Old Plumber - who happens to be my buddy - is working for my friend Lannae. He just sent me this little picture of her newly modified furniture piece in her master bath. A sofa table cut to accomodate two above counter lavatories. What cha think of those?

Just a note ---- Although many people use the word sink here and I have also heard them called face bowls - the technically correct terminology for these is lavatory.. Sinks are found in kitchens and laundry rooms. (completely useless educational fact for today)

Have a wonderful afternoon.

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