Thursday, August 04, 2011

checking my list......

working on old stuffs is rewarding.  Finishing old projects is rewarding. Finishing old stuff and having exactly $1.21 in current money spent. Whooo Hoooo how wonderful is that?

This table will be placed in my window today. It is old, but not antique. The man built this in high school shop class. It has been living on my front porch for many years. I got excited about jumping on this project so I cannot find a before and I didn't take one.

Look at the edge of the top and you will see the original finish. It was deteriorated from the weather. It really wasn't all that pretty, and honestly, I was kinda ignoring this for a long long time.

I am also aggravated by some plants by my kitchen sink - in the way. See below.

So I broke out this espresso paint. Now just for the record - the Rustoleum people have not one clue who I am. Nor have they given me any thing to give you this opinion - BUT I LOVE THIS PAINT.

I used the black on the Princess dresser ( go here for that project). It has held up beautifully. Easy to use. Easy to clean up. Again I say ---- LOVE THIS PAINT.

Now do not tell anyone - but I actually did the steps to this project. I washed it - and shhhhh - I sanded it. Only because the finish was so uneven and I could tell it would be splotchy. Then I dusted and tack clothed the whole shebang. I taped off the top. And took out the drawer. Mind you I spray painted the hardware with some hammered wrot iron paint and it was beautiful - then I discovered that one side of the handle would not tighten. So I went to hobby lobby and gathered a new rusted iron drawer pull.

The result - a beautiful, dark brown TILE TOP table. No worries if I over water. I am so very happy with this.

A better view of the new drawer pull.

Tonight I will clean said window. I'll add a hook to raise the curtain for more light. (New curtains are a future project.) Then move table and plants into place.

Check this one off the list. Thousands more to go.

Have a beautiful day.

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