Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We all do it.

I think it might be for self preservation or something like that.

I know I am one of the worst about it at my house.

Look at the picture below - no not at the fact the bench needs painting - but that the screen door is propped open behind it. I don't know why - because the screen is torn out of the door anyway.

It is propped open and needs repairing. Been that way for so long I really didn't even notice it anymore.

There - I said it - actually I typed it. IT HAD BEEN THAT WAY FOR SO LONG I REALLY DIDN"T EVEN SEE IT ANY MORE. I know for a fact it has been over a year.

How many things at your house are exactly like that?

I had mentioned it to The Man and apparently it was not on his list of important things to do -- He has even said there is nothing to do at the house except watch tv and sleep - but that is a separate issue all together.

Well - I have been enjoying the cooler weather by swinging on the porch swing and now this front porch and all the work it needs is "bothering" me.

What to do?

HIRE IT OUT? (two girls in college - need I say more about disposable income for projects?)

REMIND THE MAN GENTLY THAT IT NEED DOING? (let's just say that was not gonna help and let it go at that OK?)

WHINE (nah not my strong point)

GRIPE (okay, if any of my other married ladies have real success with this tactic, please let me know when the classes you need to teach are starting)

REALLY OPEN UP THE ALL OUT B*&^% MODE (I have of recent time decided there is no bigger waste of my energy than this one)

What did I do?

I took the door down - really ladies it was easy. Then (using just the perfect tools for the job - now that's funny) I removed about 50,000 tacks and staples. Removed the molding and the hardware. Decided what brackets I needed for strength on the door.

Run to the big orange box store and buy the few items I needed. (argue with man about what I am buying) Inform same man that I am doing and paying for project and that it wasn't on his very important project list. (Spent $38.00)

Now I am in the middle of sanding - and sanding - and sanding - and sanding off the old cracking, chipping, and peeling paint.

I'll let you know in a few days just how this one turned out.

Today's SIMPLY SIMPLE TASK - find something small that bothers you or been broken for so long you don't even notice, JUST FIX IT.

I'm gonna enjoy leaving my "big door" open for the breezes to blow throw the screen door -----

Happy fall Ya'll

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